System description

  • Wall Hung system boiler.
  • Underfloor Mixing Panel and PexPlus underfloor pipe.
  • Composite pipe network by RCH
  • System controller. This is a 24/7 timer / thermostat controller.
  • The system controller is located in the living area

System operation

  • The system controller calls for heating , the boiler and the underfloor panel start. The boiler circulate hot water to the Mixing panel & back again. The underfloor mixing panel takes this water and reduces it to 40 degrees and circulates it to each room / zone.
  • When the system controller reaches set point the boiler stop s and the mixing panel shuts down. As the rooms come up to temperature the room thermostat closes and stops the flow of water to that zone/ room. Room thermostats are optional.
  • Underfloor system has to be run 24 hours per day. Due to the lag time in the system controller needs to be setup to run in two 4to6 hour blocks per day. The colder the regions the bigger the heating blocks. Eg 5am to 9am and 4pm to 8pm for Christchurch.

System advantages

  • Underfloor is a total out of sight heating solution and does not impact visually. No furniture placement issues.
  • Warm floors to walk on. You will never have cold feet again.
  • Individual room thermostats, optional, allowing for individual room control.
  • This form of heating is a water filled system which means it is very quiet, clean and dust free.
  • Healthier environment.
  • Heats every corner of your home.

System disadvantages

  • Slow heat up and cool down times. This means you have to maintain the base core temperature of your slab 24/7, even when you are not at home.
  • Overall more expensive running cost than a radiators system


System Features

  • Well suited to new home installations
  • Not suited for renovation installations
  • 24 hour heating system. Constant background effect of heating.
  • Very quiet and clean and does not promote dust circulation.
  • Higher running costs than Radiators.

Gas Boiler

  • Gas Fired wall hung system boiler, includes circulating pump, expansion control equipment, air vent and safety valve. Similar in size to a Rinnai.
  • 10 year expected life of boiler. Normal warranty is 3 years.
  • Extremely clean burning, with the efficiency between 90 to 97%.
  • Normally mount within the home, cupboard, laundry or garage.

Underfloor Mixing panel

  • Central mixing station for underfloor heating.
  • 3 year RCH warranty.
  • Complete with pump, air bleeds, manifolds, 6 to 12 zones and temperature control equipment.
  • Standard heights, 500 high. 800 to 1200 wide.
  • Bone white cabinet.
  • Can be installed in Garage or in a cupboard in a central location.

What information do I need to produce a quote?
We will need a set of plans and a brief description of what fuel source is preferred.

What maintenance is required?
Gas boilers require annual servicing. The general operation of the mixing panel should checked and adjustments made. This service would be estimated at around $300

Can the boiler be mounted outside?
System boilers generally are internally mounted. Good locations are hallway cupboards, laundries and garages.

Can I use underfloor heating with timber floors?
Timber overlays on a concrete slabs is fine, there is a slightly reduced performance, but it will still heat your home effectively. With standard timber floors, underfloor heating is not suitable. Radiators are a better solution for this application.

Can I use underfloor with carpet?
There are no problems with carpeted slabs. The performance is slightly more sluggish than a tiled floor, but its overall performance is more then adequate.

Can we install the system?
No, the full system must be installed by a qualified technician.

How long does an installation take?
A standard install will take about one week. New homes normally are done in two or three stages.

Can I thermostatically control individual areas?
Yes you can. We can place room thermostats in each bedroom. But remember the system controller in the living area is your master controller and will override the room stats and close the whole system down when it reaches set point.

Can I use solar to heat my underfloor?
NO. You will get better performance using solar to heat your domestic hot water.