Radiators Type 21

Radiators T21
DESCRIPTION Height (H) x Length (L) CODE
600mm x 400mm Radiator, 544w 0376042233
600mm x 600mm Radiator, 816w 0376062233
600mm x 800mm Radiator, 1089w 0376082233
600mm x 1000mm Radiator, 1361w 0376102233
600mm x 1200mm Radiator, 1633w 0376122233
600mm x 1400mm Radiator, 1905w 0376142233
600mm x 1600mm Radiator, 2177w 0376162233
605mm x 2000mm Radiator, 2722w 0376202233

Heating Output
Inlet temp. 80ºC
Outlet temp. 70ºC
Room temp. 20ºC

6 Port Radiators, with adjustable brackets

It is advised you add inhibitor upon installation of radiators, see Leak Sealers & Inhibitor.